(1) SMB-2145

Purpose: Terminal block
Manufacturer: National Instrument (NI)

(2) Ultra Wide Band GPR

Purpose: Radar

Manufacturer: Novelda

(3) PXIe-8840

Purpose: Data acquisition controller

Manufacturer: NI

(4) PXI-5412

Purpose: Waveform generator

Manufacturer: NI

(5) NI 5752

Purpose: AC-coupled digitizer adapter module

Manufacturer: NI

(6) NI CompactDAQ (NI 9227, 9222, 9263, cDAQ-9178)

Purpose: Data acquisition system

Manufacturer: NI

(7) GPR Antenna

Purpose: Radar

Manufacturer: ISUNG

(8) NI PXIe-7962R

Purpose: FlexRIO FPGA Module

Manufacturer: NI

(9) PCB GPA03

Purpose: Accelerometer

Manufacturer: PCB Piezotronics

(10) XYZ PCB moving system

Purpose: Scanning stage

Manufacturer: 사이언스타운

(11) NI PXIe-2593

Purpose: Multiplexer

Manufacturer: NI

(12) NI PXIe-5122

Purpose: Digitizer

Manufacturer: NI

(13) TH-KE-100

Purpose: Thermo-hygrostat

Manufacturer: Jeiotech

(14) 5D MARK 4 IV

Purpose: Image processing camera

Manufacturer: Cannon

(15) BLK 360

Purpose: Image raser scanner

Manufacturer: Leica

(16) DJI Matrice 300-RTK w H20T
Purpose: Drone
Manufacturer: DJI


Our laboratory have the high performance graphics processing units (GPU) and multiple memory RAM for deep learning network training and numerical simulation.

[ Geforce RTX 3090 (4ea), RTX 3060 (4ea), RTX 2080 (7ea), etc ]